Ministerial Talanoas


The Ministerial Talanoas took place on Tuesday, 11 December 2018. In an effort to enhance opportunities for open dialogue, small Talanoas of about 12-13 participants were organized. Due to logistical limitations, a total of 21 Talanoas was distributed over three time slots, each composed of seven parallel Talanoas.

These historical Talanoas were attended by nearly 100 Ministers from different Parties and over 40 non-Party stakeholders.

Organization of the Ministerial Talanoas

The Ministerial Talanoas were facilitated by Ministers from the Pacific region and Poland. Each ran for 1 hour and 15 minutes and were conducted along these guidelines:

  • Short introduction by the facilitator;
  • Storytelling and discussion based on the guiding questions;
  • Key messages by the facilitator.

As agreed at COP 23, the Talanoas addressed the main question of “How do we get there?”. The Presidencies identified targeted questions as a means of focusing the discussion, which were uploaded to the Talanoa Dialogue platform.

The Ministers and other participants were invited to share stories of 3–4 minutes each and at the end of each Talanoa, key messages from the discussions were collated and compiled into a general report that was presented at the closing meeting of the Talanoa Dialogue.