May sessions

The April/May sessions will be the first opportunity for Parties and non-Party stakeholders to interact and engage in a dialogue which is constructive, facilitative, transparent and, above all, solutions-oriented.

The suggested approach for the April/May sessions was developed having in mind time and space limitations, in particular to ensure that the meetings of the Dialogue do not take place at the expense of other priorities.

The arrangements include an opening meeting, in-depth discussion of the three questions of the Dialogue, following the tradition of Talanoa, a report back meeting and a closing meeting. See also the additional information for the May sessions for further details. 

The in-depth consideration of the three questions of the Talanoa Dialogue will proceed following the tradition of Talanoa espousing inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue. The purpose of these discussions will be to share stories, build empathy and trust.

Talanoa groups will be set up and will work in parallel to address each of the three questions at a time. The questions will be taken up in sequence, so that all six parallel Talanoa groups will consider the same question at the same time: (1) Where are we?; (2) Where do we want to go?; (3) How do we get there?. The composition of the Talanoas will change throughout the day as different non-Party stakeholders will take part in each question.

Each Talanoa group will consist of about 35 participants: 30 Party representatives and 5 non-Party stakeholder representatives.

Details on how to participate in any of the Talanoa groups can be found

  • Here for Parties
  • Here for non-Party stakeholders

The list of non-Party stakeholders who will participate at the Talanoa Dialogue in-depth discussions at the April/May sessions is available here.